Sheila Fleet

Daisies At Dawn Stud Earrings


These Daisies at Dawn stud earrings feature a small daisy design, which is hand-enamelled in ‘Sunshine’ enamel at our workshop in Orkney.

All of Sheila’s Daisies collections, including her iconic Daisies at Dawn designs, were inspired by a photograph taken by her late husband Rick. Sheila sadly lost Rick to pancreatic cancer in 2013 and her Daisies at Dawn collection in bright and cheerful ‘Sunshine’ enamel is dedicated to his memory.

The collections initially supported Sheila’s former employee, Emily Findlay, in her fight against cancer, and the fund is reserved for Emily should she require future treatment. The Daisies collections then went on to support young people in Orkney through the Orkney Charitable Trust, helping those experiencing ill-health or hardship. More recently, and throughout 2020, sales of Daisies at Dawn, Coloured Daisies and Diamond Daisies will contribute to Pancreatic Cancer Scotland, a charity very close to Sheila’s heart.

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