Sheila Fleet

Lunar Bright Small Stud Earrings


These small Lunar Bright stud earrings in sterling silver feature a textured Lunar cup-mark design. Each piece is hand-enamelled in 'Hot Pink' enamel in our Orkney workshop.

Thousands of years ago at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney, people carved hollows or cup-marks of various sizes in rough rock, perhaps to signify an event or to follow the passage of time as the moon waxed and waned. Sheila’s designs are textured like the surface of rock and enamelled in a variety of colours.

Lunar in Hot Pink is inspired by the intense colours of delicate spring and summer wildflowers. Sheila's Spring Green enamel is reminiscent of the fresh intensity of new grass. Light Tropical captures the iridescence of sun on a calm and peaceful sea.

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