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The Positive Bullet Diary


The Positive Bullet Diary is a 12-month undated diary and journal with plenty of space to be personalised by you. From its vivid blue fabric cover to its easy-to-embellish dot-grid paper, this journal quite simply makes planning your life a joy!

An easy-to-follow layout encourages you to break down your to-do lists with clever keys and there’s even space for emotional reflections, so you can track your mood alongside your productivity.

What you'll find inside:
Monthly & weekly planning templates to help you find your creative groove
Loads of blank pages for planning, doodling, gratituding, listing, lettering, vision boarding, BuJo spreads and anything else you can think of
Dedicated space at the start of each month to set goals and affirmations as well as think about how you can bring more joy into your every day
Original designs and illustrations for mindful colouring
Hints and tips on getting the most out of your Bullet

How to use The Positive Bullet Diary
We know life is hectic and it can be a fight to get all those to-do lists under control. So with this in mind, we created The Positive Bullet Diary as a beautiful space for you to connect with your emotional well-being and make time for your personal development and self-care. And what’s so special about The Blue One is that we’ve left it all up to you! This book is for you to be inspired and creative on its pages.

They have packed their book with tips to get you started: from calligraphy headings and banners to advice on which pens and keys to use. And of course, it wouldn’t be part of our Positive Family of books if it didn’t have any affirmations and illustrations to colour in, would it?

As with all their books, The Positive Bullet Diary is undated so you can start it at any time. Whether you want it for a project or a season, there’s no pressure to fill it in every day, but if you do, there’s space for 12 months there.

Nobody's Perfect...
Our latest batch of Positive Bullet Diaries has a small problem, the books are missing one of their monthly spread pages. Despite this, we simply couldn’t face putting them on the ‘defect’ pile just because they’re not perfect in every way - that’s so not how we roll here at The Positive Planner.

So they found a solution: You’ll find 2 page inserts in an envelope inside your Bullet. These will make your Bullet absolutely loveable and completely usable in a perfectly imperfect kind of way. Oh and don’t worry - you won’t be missing one of the weekly templates for that month - there will still be the five there for you as there should be.

Gifting The Positive Bullet Diary?
The Positive Bullet Diary makes the perfect gift for someone who is creative or wants to be - including you! Whether you’re a stationery lover, you want help with daily organisational skills or are just looking to get into the craze that is BuJo, this is THE journal for you!

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